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We check driver licences on behalf of your business, ensuring drivers that you cause or permit to drive for your business have the correct credentials to legally drive.

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Our systems constantly keep you fully informed of all relevant compliance issues, so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicle, fleet, costs and risks.

We offer you both peace of mind and the ability to meet your statutory obligations from a position of strength through knowledge. That’s why our services are used by over 23% of the FTSE 100 and thousands of smaller businesses.

  • Licence Bureau provides a number of Driver Licence Checking services to our customers using services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency)
  • UK’s First Business to Business Provider
  • Over 5 million UK Driving Licence Checks
  • ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001
  • Trusted Expert Partner
  • Founded 2003
  • The original online employee licence checking service
  • Fee from 60p per check

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Licence Bureau’s driver licence check includes:

  • Driving licences
  • Driver license status and entitlement to drive
  • The driving licence online
  • Information on a drivers licence is correct
  • Driver licence validity dates
  • Current endorsements and points on the driving licence
  • Driver licence vehicle category showing vehicles a driver can drive
  • A driver is not disqualified
To begin checking your driver risk – send for a free quote today

Licence Bureau (Part of the TTC Group) have a direct link to the DVLA for our licence checking service. We send out an e-declaration to drivers directly which lasts for 3 years, meaning you can recheck a licence at any point during that period without having to regain consent from the driver. We set up a recheck schedule at an agreed frequency which then runs in the background automatically.

Our Continuum driver management platform offers full visibility of a driver fleet and breakdown of points. The system will also send email alerts for any noncompliance too.


We also offer online risk assessments, e-learning, various online and in house driver workshops, as well as on and off-road driver training/coaching.