10 Great Reasons to use Licence Bureau

  1. Fee per DVLA check online – 60p.
  2. e-declaration sent 1 second from the time a person is added to the system.
  3. DVLA result appears on your unique portal 10 seconds after the driver has confirmed the declaration.
  4. API, available and provided at no additional cost so all your starters and leavers are automatically added.
  5. We issue a Permit to Drive at no extra cost based on your requirements.
  6. We will accept paper consent forms and process at no extra cost.
  7. We do undertake checks against all Non UK licence holders.
  8. We have no hidden costs – we even automatically change with the DVLA fees without additional contracts.
  9. We have a full compliance service with all the necessary joined up services.
  10. Over 2,500 other businesses from 5 to 100,000 staff cannot be wrong.