Month: June 2012

Reducing maximum speed to 60mph reduces fuel consumption by 10%

DriveGain analysis: Reducing maximum speed to 60 MPH reduces fuel consumption by 10%, but only adds 2 minutes to journey time June 27th 2012, London, UK – DriveGain, the company that produces the iPhone application that helps you save fuel as you drive, has analysed the 10,000 journeys uploaded to the DriveGain web portal over […]

Thousands of workers in the UK are on the road illegally, suggest statistics from the Licence Bureau

According to the company, which verifies driving licences on behalf of businesses, there are approximately 24,000 business drivers on the road that should not be. This is based on the fact that three in every 1000 licences the company checks are illegal, and that there are around eight million people entitled to drive for work […]

Profiling could cut at-work accidents

After concerns were raised about the risk of fleet drivers being involved in fatal accidents, industry leaders have an innovative solution. Figures from the Licence Bureau revealed that 24,000 people are driving for work illegally on invalid driving licences. This puts employers at risk of being prosecuted under the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide […]

Licence Bureau are exhibiting at the National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) show . (Stand 123)

The National Association of Police Fleet Managers’ exhibition taking place at the Peterborough Arena,East of England Show Ground, Peterborough PE2 6XE on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th September 2012 is one of largest Emergency Service Fleet Events in Europe. The exhibition focuses on transport for the police and other emergency services, as well as government […]