Month: August 2014

Brake the road safety charity urges government to make driver eyesight tests compulsory

It is estimated up to five million UK drivers would fail a number plate test if they had to take it again. The survey shows overwhelming public support see survey here. Download the full news release here Brake, the road safety charity, is calling on the government to introduce compulsory regular eyesight testing for drivers, […]

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act “Publicity Order” and £183,000 fine imposed

If you employ drivers then this Act applies to you. All your drivers need to be adequately trained and covered in terms of your business applying and maintaining the appropriate duty of care and health and safety regulations checks. You should take reasonable steps to ensure your staff are adequately trained in the use of […]

Road deaths decrease by 2% to 1,713 in 2013 compared to 2012

The Department of Transports final statistics on road casualties in Great Britain for 2013 showed a 2% reduction in those killed and a 6% reduction in reported serious injuries; child casualties fell 9% to 15,956. The Government hailed these as the “lowest since records began”. In reported road traffic accidents in 2013: Road deaths decreased […]