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DVLA new services in development update.

Welcome to our third update with regard DVLA’s commitment to abolish the paper counterpart to the photo card Driving Licence in 2015. The latest update from DVLA is “Timescales for implementation are under discussion, but we can confirm that no

Over 500 Hertfordshire students to benefit from Licence Bureau and Skanska workshops during Road Safety Week (17-23 Nov)

The annual event highlights the need to ‘look out for each other’ on the roads 500 Hertfordshire students to benefit from the sessions next week Organisations and communities across the UK collaborate to raise road safety awareness We are running

Licence Bureau reminds companies of Privacy Laws as DVLA View Driving Licence portal goes live

New online ‘View Driving Licence’ service allows drivers to check personal records online An offence will be committed if a driver’s personal records are accessed unlawfully Licence Bureau continues to offer detailed, cost-effective check on driver records With the DVLA’s

Safer Lorries Scheme: Notice of Intent document and Consultation Update from the TfL

Earlier this year, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils consulted on new proposals to ban Heavy Goods Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (apart from a small number of exceptions) that are not fitted with side guards and additional mirrors from

Proactive risk management and compliance strategy

A real-time licence checking service provided by Licence Bureau is now a key part of Severn Trent Water’s proactive risk management and compliance strategy. Severn Trent Water runs a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks across 500 key sites

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