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ADLV Urges Companies To Review Non UK Driving Licences Online Following Brexit Day

Whilst nothing regulatory is changing during the post Brexit transition period, the ADLV is urging companies to review the current actions they take in respect of Non GB licence holders driving or employed in the UK. Whilst convictions in the UK for

Transport safety – into the 2020s. A view from the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS)

The 2010s saw road safety elevated to a global policy priority in the UN Decade of Action and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This was recognition that road danger presents one of the biggest threats to human life worldwide, and

Employee eDeclaration to Licence Check Result in Under 10 seconds!

As a Licence Bureau client using our Compliance Managed Service portal you will be able to see an employee’s drivers licence check result on average in less than 10 seconds after the employee has signed their eDeclaration. Clients have found

Duty Free?

There are an estimated 500-600 deaths while driving for work in the UK each year, but the government doesn’t currently think employers should report them in the same way as the circa 150 ‘official’ annual at-work fatalities under RIDDOR.  More

Transport operators please encourage your vocational drivers to licence renew at the earliest opportunity

Typically it takes DVLA up to 21 days to process a licence renewal transaction. When the driver has a medical condition it can take longer for DVLA to investigate and make a licencing decision. Recent research has shown that DVLA

Correct Use of View or Share your driving licence information from the DVLA

Information from the DVLA on using the view or share your driving licence information service correctly. An increasing number of customers are contacting us about third parties (such as car hire companies and employers) asking for their National Insurance Number to input into view or

224,000 Grey Fleet (business use) vehicles could potentially be untaxed.

Roadside survey results for Vehicle Excise Duty evasion statistics: 2019 The DfT latest estimates indicate that 1.6% of vehicles in the active vehicle stock were unlicensed in the United Kingdom. This 1.6% corresponds to 634,000 thousand vehicles. It is estimated that

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