2021. Will you remain compliant? – Important, please read.

As you are aware our role is to assist you with your “work related road safety” obligations.

Our aim is to try and achieve 100% driver compliance and mitigate any risk as a result.

We are writing to make you aware that you may have declaration forms expiring for your drivers shortly.

Please click here to direct you to your CMS portal where you can run a report to identify the drivers this affects.

We would recommend the Driver Status Summary which will give you the Consent Form Valid until dates for each driver in column N.

If you are not responsible for keeping your drivers compliant with Licence Bureau, please forward this to the relevant department.

Any questions regarding the above, please contact your Account Manager on 01442 430980

DVLA Update

GDPR Compliance

As you are aware the DVLA amended the driver’s declaration in 2018 which meant we needed to redeclare your drivers. The declaration that is provided to Licence Bureau is valid for 3 years, therefore, we are fast approaching the expiry date. For us to be able to provide continuity of Licence Checking, we need to ensure your drivers have re-declared before their expiry date.

Licence Bureau Actions

Fair Processing Declaration

Account managers will be working with you to ensure drivers declaration does not expire before the deadline. Please get in touch with them if you have any questions.

How will LB cope with the volume of Declarations?

Having worked through this in 2018, we are giving customers as much notice as possible to ensure we are fully prepared for the spike in customer/driver queries and volume of Fair Processing Declaration forms we will receive. It is important for us to mention that if you wish to remain with the paper declaration method our usual turnaround times during the GDPR renewal period (starting January 2021) will be significantly longer than you are currently used to. The best way to prevent any delays is to use our eDeclaration declaration method.


If your drivers have work or home email addresses, we are now able contact them to complete their declaration via email rather than paper form, this will also include automatic chasing at a frequency of your desire. There is no additional charge for this process, it is simply a better alternative to the paper declaration method. Please click here for more information on how the process works.

What will this cost?

Renewing driver’s declaration

If the driver already has a valid check, there is no additional cost.

What will be chargeable?

If the driver is new or overdue a recheck, a cost will occur as it does currently.

What will happen if the driver’s declaration expires?

Review of compliance

We will no longer be able to provide you with the drivers DVLA results until the driver has redeclared. You can identify the drivers this affects by logging onto your CMS Portal, downloading a Driver Status Summary and reviewing column N which shows when the declaration is due to expire.

We suggest any drivers are rechecked immediately prior to their expiry date so compliance continues and there will be more time for the replacement declaration to be obtained.

What actions should I take?

Review of employees

Make sure that the data we hold for your company is up to date. Ensure you terminate any leavers on your CMS portal, if you need any guidance on how to do this, please click here.


Please get in touch with your Account Manager to relaunch eDeclaration ASAP for those due to expire to avoid any driver’s declaration expiring.

D906 Fair Processing Declaration

If your drivers do not have email addresses and you need to use this declaration method, please arrange for your drivers to complete and return the D906 with no amendments to consent@licencebureau.co.uk as soon as possible.


Any questions regarding the above, please contact your Account Manager on 01442 430980