About Us

Licence Bureau provides a number of Driver Licence Checking services to our customers using services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) through our advanced award winning IT systems. Saving you time managing your work related road safety risks and enabling you to manage your fleet professionally and compliantly.

Licence Bureau is the market leader in driver and fleet management.

Founded in 2003 by ex-Police Officers and I.T. experts our award winning services are used by 23% of the FTSE-100 and thousands of smaller companies eager to reduce to the hassle, cost and risks associated with managing drivers and vehicle fleets.

Licence Bureau:

  • Treats quality seriously – ISO 9001 compliant.
  • Manages personal data securely – ISO 27001 compliant.
  • Provides you with a named, dedicated, account manager so your problems are managed together.
  • Founded in 2003 by ex-Police Officers and I.T. experts.
  • Clients include 23% of FTSE 100 company’s.
  • Provides each client with a customisable user interface and reporting system.


Licence Bureau’s compliance journey provides you with an ongoing automated process where you can simply set the rules and deal with exceptions.

Our aim is to make you safe and compliant.


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Licence Bureau’s ‘compliance journey’ begins with an Employee Audit identifying who does and who does not drive on company business.

Those employees who are identified as business drivers are asked to submit driving licence details via e-declaration or via a D906 Fair Processing Declaration.

Details are then checked at DVLA.

Permits to Drive may then be allocated.

Grey Fleet checks are carried out on vehicles that are owned by employees and are used for business purposes to validate they are roadworthy with a current MOT and Road Fund Licence.

Risk Assessments of a drivers knowledge, attitude and skills are taken.

Subsequently different forms of training may be required and allocated.