Hillcrest Housing Association

The issue of managing driver licence checking compliance can be a complicated and time consuming affair for many companies.

Hillcrest Housing Association’s quality and performance administrator, Kelly Banner has considered the features, advantages and benefits and of utilising Licence Bureau’s services in the case study below.

Kelly comments, “Adopting Licence Bureau’s services has allowed us to introduce a new system of checking licences and enabled us to process checks in a systematic and organised manner, which has previously been a challenge within our complicated group structure.”


1. How you have found the service?

The service that Licence Bureau has provided has been excellent and very straight forward. We cannot fault the service.

2. The main benefits delivered to you

The main benefits that have been delivered to us include:

  • licence checks that were not being carried out previously are now being completed;
  • it is competitively priced for the volume of checks we undertake;
  • there is easy access to advice and guidance; and
  • it is a one stop shop for all current and future checks.

3. What have these benefits allowed you to change or introduce?

The benefits above have ensured that checks are done in a timely manner while taking the pressure off of our small fleet team.

We are also much more confident that our drivers, who represent our company, are thoroughly verified and as up to date as possible. Public safety is always a top priority for us and the Licence Bureau help us achieve this.

4. Please comment on the reporting system (portal) and risk alerts etc.

The reporting system and portal is excellent and extremely easy to use. I check the portal daily and have never encountered any issues with it. If there are works to be carried out, we are warned of these in advance before we even sign in.

The risk alerts are straight forward and everything is explained well and in terms that are easy to understand.

5. How have you found the support from the Licence Bureau team?

The support from Licence Bureau team is outstanding, their response time is excellent.

Staff are very friendly and there is never anything that they can’t assist with. Their guidance as we settled into the system was superb and they are always happy to answer questions both big and small. The team really know their system inside out!

Licence Bureau could not ask for better a representative of their company than Luke Stroud. Luke is extremely helpful and professional at all times.

6. Is there anything else that you have found useful?

The initial meeting with Licence Bureau was superb, this allowed us to see exactly what we would get out of the system and what it would look like and how easy it would be for us to use.

Pimlico Plumbers

”Our reputation is built on the quick and proficient service delivered by our engineers, and with Licence Bureau’s easy-to-use licence checking portal, we can focus on providing our clients with the high quality work they can depend on.”
George Lusham, Transport Manager Pimlico Plumbers

KBC Logistics

Dave Ashford, Transport & Compliance Manager at KBC Logistics says,, “The reason I looked at a licence checking system emanated from the experience last year, I used to check and copy licences and counterparts every six months, one particular driver was checked in November 2012, unbeknown to us he was subsequently disqualified in March 2013, by pure luck we had put this driver on shunting duties at another site although he had covered other drivers shifts a couple of times which would have meant driving one of my trucks on the public road.

On June 9th this driver in his private car was involved in a collision with a motorcyclist the motorcyclist died at the scene. See link here.

“My traffic office were contacted by the drivers brother on Monday morning and he informed them that the driver would not be at work that day and may be off for a while. Nothing further was said until two CID and two traffic collision investigation officers appeared at my office door later that day, they informed me that he had been involved in a accident and also that he was disqualified, even though on this occasion I had fulfilled my obligation it was a scary prospect to think that this could have been any one of my operational drivers and it identified a flaw in my systems.

I have since signed up to Licence Bureau, I chose them because they notify me if there is an issue and they also include skeletal records for non UK licence holders, only today I had a call from them telling me that one of my drivers with a Polish licence possess a UK counterpart with 6 points, I would have no way of knowing if the driver did not inform me, which in this case he hadn’t, unsurprisingly!”

Marshall Leasing

“Marshall Leasing have been working with the Licence Bureau for a couple of years now. It is a solid working partnership with a team we can trust. Our clients need straight answers and commonsense advice when it comes to the emotive issue of driving licence validation. Licence Bureau provides exactly the right level of reassurance and clarity”.

ALD Automotive

Automotive is Europe’s 2nd largest car leasing operation and is dedicated to providing customers with a truly comprehensive range of products and services. Proactive and diligent in sourcing the very best support for our customers we recently moved to the Licence Bureau as our partner responsible for outsourced driving licence checks.

The transition to the Licence Bureau was seamless and the level of understanding and commitment to the needs of ALD Automotive and our customers exceptional. There have been a range of significant benefits in moving to the Licence Bureau from the higher degree of technical support available to our Account Managers to the early identification of drivers employed by our customers with issues over their entitlement to drive.

David Yates, Marketing Director of ALD Automotive said that “Moving to the Licence Bureau as our licence checking partner has given ALD Automotive and our customer’s peace of mind and confidence that our needs are being met in the critical area of ‘Duty of Care’. They are an integral part of our award winning DriveSafe risk management solution”.

Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Capital are the market leaders in the supply, funding and management of company vehicles. We take pride in our level of product knowledge, in the competence and ability of our team and are committed to a process of continuous improvement.

A significant development in that process has been our decision to work in partnership with the Licence Bureau and to adopt their Driving Licence Verification Service to ensure that our customers meet the statutory and moral obligations by confirming that their employees are entitled to drive on their behalf. The Licence Bureau provide Hitachi Capital with a secure and confidential licence checking service that integrates seamlessly with our in-house reporting framework to deliver comprehensive and easily understood updates and reports to our customers.

Steve Pinchen, Market Development Manager for Hitachi Capital says “The impact of the introduction of the licence checking service was almost immediate and certainly significant with the enrolment of Group 4 Securicor within weeks of the launch. Group 4 Securicor is an international security solutions group, operating in over 100 countries throughout the world and employing around 400,000 people, and they viewed enrolment in the Licence Bureau service as an essential component of their UK fleet and driver management process Hitachi Capital provides our customers with choice, quality and genuine personal service at every turn, our decision to work with the Licence Bureau has proved to be a welcome enhancement to that service and one that I would recommend to any fleet manager”

Freeths LLP

We have recently started to use the Licence Bureau as part of our process when joining new employees to the Firm. The service provided by the Licence Bureau is extremely efficient and helpful. We would recommend them to other organisations.

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