The ADLV of which Licence Bureau is a member reveals a last quarter increase in commercial electronic checking of licences by fleets.

Freedom of Information statistics obtained by the ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification) from the DVLA, reveal that there has been a considerable increase in commercial electronic checking of licenses by fleets. The figures record the volume of licence checks made through members of the DVLA’s EDECS Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service, the vast majority of which are ADLV members. In the last three months of 2014, the statistics show that the volume of licenses checked electronically, by these organisations, rose sharply by more than 22% on prior year; this represents an increase in the percentage growth rate on prior year by 34% over just one quarter. The total number of checks undertaken by EDECS users on behalf of UK fleets was in excess of 1.7M in 2014.

According to ADLV Member Richard Brown the figures reflect both the news that the paper licence counterpart is set to disappear and awareness that the ADLV has been launched to advance the cause of commercial best-practice for electronic checking. In his view: “These figures are highly significant. They show that Fleet Managers are recognising that best-practice has changed and that electronic checking through a fully managed service from a professional third party is the right way to check driver entitlement; as it enables automated and continuous checking with full reporting and audit trails. We expect that these figures will continue to rise, especially as we get closer to the disappearance of the paper counterpart.

“The change in practice has also been reinforced by a general understanding that the paper .pdf generated through the DVLA’s single record Share My Driving Licence alternative has no legal standing. There is also a concern, that PDF and printed paper documents are open to fraud, which could leave organisations exposed to compliance risk. Many Fleet managers see electronic checking as a superior and risk free path to follow and as the message spreads we expect a significant adoption of these processes over the next 6 months.”

The current list of ADLV members that fleet managers can contact should they require driving licence checks is a follows:

The AA, Admin Business Solutions, Chalcheck Ltd, Descartes Systems UK Ltd, DriveTech (UK) Ltd, Drivercheck Ltd, DrivingMonitor, Fleet Claims Administration Ltd, Fleet Partnership Solutions Ltd, GB Group plc, Jaama Ltd, Inchcape Fleet Solutions, Intelligent Data Systems (UK) Ltd, Interactive Driving Systems Ltd, Licence Bureau Ltd, Licence Check Ltd, and Pinewood Technologies.