Association for Driver Licence Verification (ADLV) Urges Fleets to Continue their Online Driver Checking while the Lockdown Eases

The ADLV of which Licence Bureau is a member is urging fleets to maintain frequent online checking of driving licences as the UK lockdown eases. With rapidly expanded delivery fleets on one hand and a sudden increase in returning car drivers and volunteers on the other, the number of licence checks required has grown markedly. However, the Association says it is important that pre-virus standards are maintained to avoid future road safety, compliance and regulatory failures.

Whilst some of the concessions to drivers and transport regulations, such as the postponing of expired MOTs to later in the year are helpful, the ADLV does emphasise the need to maintain a core level of checking for both compliance and road safety as the lockdown eases. Cutting corners unnecessarily will store up significant problems for the future – particularly should fleets miss critical information about a driver’s status.

Missed licence-checking is one corner to cut too many, as lockdown eases, please make sure your drivers are legally entitled to drive the vehicles in question, whether an enthusiastic volunteer or a more seasoned professional driver. Each regular licence check does highlight a potential safety risk that can be avoided by maintaining the highest standards.