Bizprotect makes it impossible for drivers to use their mobile phones.

G2M Technologies has launched a new system aimed at reducing road deaths caused by company drivers using their phones while at the wheel.

The product, called Bizprotect, makes it impossible for drivers to use their mobile phones so no phone calls (unless their company allows them to use a hands-free kit), no texting, no emailing or use of social media to distract drivers when they are driving.

Aimed primarily at commercial fleets, although a consumer version will shortly be available, it has a centrally monitored system that allows an administrator to configure the system remotely and be notified if anyone should try to tamper with it. It requires no vehicle hardware or installation.

Andrew Tillman, founder of G2M Technologies said, “Distracted driving is an enormous problem. The cost to UK businesses from accidents caused by distracted driving is growing exponentially together with the devastating human cost. Many responsible companies already have no-phone-when-driving policies but until now they really have no way of policing or enforcing them.”

Mike Reed Marketing Director at Licence Bureau said, “Simply, this product should revolutionise how companies review mobile usage for at-work-drivers as well as acting as a catalyst for reviewing company mobile policy. This should can only be a good thing , it is another step towards a safer driving culture.”