BRAKE Fleet Survey Report sponsored by Licence Bureau – Speed: Policy, Education and Community

16-10-10-fleet-survey-report-speedMaking sure that drivers travel at a safe and sensible speed is one of the most important ways in which fleet managers can make their fleets safer. Speed will determine whether a driver can stop in time to avoid a collision, and if a collision does occur then speed will be the main factor in determining the severity of the crash. This is particularly the case with collisions with pedestrians and cyclists.

This report explores three powerful tools that companies can use to make their fleets and local communities safer: speed policy; education and training; and speed in the community.

About this report
This report, supported by Licence Bureau, is based upon an online survey of fleet managers from 131 organisations, working with nearly 26,000 vehicles and 40,000 people who drive for work. They answered questions on the policies, educational and training tools, and their role in speed-related community projects.

The report can be viewed in full here.