BRAKE Fleet Survey Report sponsored by Licence Bureau – Speed Management

16-10-12-fleet-survey-report-speed-managementBrake provides guidance specifically for fleet managers working to reduce their road risk. This guidance reports on a survey by Brake of fleets’ risk management of speeding and speed-related incidents, and gives guidance on the management of these risks.

Inappropriate speeds (driving too fast for the conditions or breaking speed limits) increase risk of crashing; and crashes at higher speeds cause more severe injuries. It is estimated that just a 1km/h reduction in average speed would save 2,200 lives each year across Europe.

Previous Brake surveys of drivers have found consistently that fleet drivers are more likely to report being in a hurry, speeding, and undertaking risky speed-related manoeuvres such as overtaking, than drivers who do not drive for work.3 Therefore managing speed is a key concern to fleet managers.

The report can be viewed in full here.