With Licence Bureau and Continuum; our online driver risk management platform, you can easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from a single online platform and ensure real-time compliance with HSE legislation.

Continuum is the future of driver & fleet risk management solutions, integrating data from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and Management Information.

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Licence Bureau and Continuum provides real-time 24x7x365 delivery of driver & fleet risk data, and makes managing any organisation’s fleet a much simpler process, helping to drive decision making and focusing fleet management resource to where it is needed most.

Using a three Tier approach of  COMPLIANCE, RISK & TRAINING

Compliance: Ensuring that your organisation is best placed to manage “Duty of Care”  Compliance under current UK legislation.​

Risk: Further enhance your organisation’s driver and fleet risk data by integrating a range of data sources.

Training: Identify and deliver the most appropriate learning needs for each driver to help address specific higher-risk driving behaviours and attitudes.​

Continuum aggregates driver data in real-time from each of our products and services, enabling fleet managers to instantly understand:

  • Is my overall risk profile going up or down?
  • What risky behaviours are occurring most often within my business?
  • What employees are displaying those behaviours most often and how can I address this?
  • What incidents are happening right now that I need to respond to?


Securely collects your organisation’s employee, vehicle and learning date, from a wide range of data sources to help identify and mange driver & fleet risk.

  • Meet your legal “Duty of Care” compliance requirements
  • Centralises all activities within the Continuum platform
  • 3 Tier approach COMPLIANCE, RISK & TRAINING
  • Comprehensive options from 14 products
  • Every driver activity produces accurate, dynamic data streams
  • Driver dashboard provides visual performance information
  • Driver Risk Profile recommends learning to reduce driver risk
  • In-vehicle and Mobile App data dynamically assesses risk
  • Simplifies Driver & Fleet Management processes


Proprietary normalisation methods of each data source, ensuring all data is comparable and consistent.

  • Continuum’s capability to receive many different data streams
  • Live processing of Driver & Fleet data
  • Centralises all activities within the Continuum platform
  • Ensuring all data is Comparable and Consistent
  • Capability to receive in-house employee data
  • Standardises data from multiple hardware telematics solutions
  • Unique solution to the driver training industry
  • Receives and standardises data 24x7x365
  • Develop new data streams as your organisation grows


Unparalleled insight into risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and MI.

  • Dynamic Risk Management reporting
  • Real Time Compliance Status reporting
  • Visual reporting through Manager Dashboards
  • Live, dynamic and accurate Management Information
  • Enhanced data from multiple, standardised data streams
  • Focus fleet management resource to where it is needed most
  • Empowered decision making with real-time, accurate data
  • Easily identify individual compliance issues
  • Fair and transparent management of driver communities

Testimonial for Impressive CONTINUUM

Rich Howes, Driver Training & Accident Prevention Support at Bristol Waste says, “After moving onto Licence Bureau, part of TTCs Continuum driver risk management platform our managers and supervisors have since been introduced to the system. They are all really impressed and pleased with how easy it is and it looks to be a success with the company.”