With Licence Bureau and Continuum; our online driver risk management platform, you can easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from a single online platform and ensure real-time compliance with HSE legislation.

Continuum is the future of driver & fleet risk management solutions, integrating data from many sources including telematics, driver behaviour and in-vehicle technology, to deliver unparalleled insight into driver risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and Management Information.

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Licence Bureau and Continuum provides real-time 24x7x365 delivery of driver & fleet risk data, and makes managing any organisation’s fleet a much simpler process, helping to drive decision making and focusing fleet management resource to where it is needed most.

Using a three Tier approach of  COMPLIANCE, RISK & TRAINING

Compliance: Ensuring that your organisation is best placed to manage “Duty of Care”  Compliance under current UK legislation.​

Risk: Further enhance your organisation’s driver and fleet risk data by integrating a range of data sources.

Training: Identify and deliver the most appropriate learning needs for each driver to help address specific higher-risk driving behaviours and attitudes.​

Continuum aggregates driver data in real-time from each of our products and services, enabling fleet managers to instantly understand:

  • Is my overall risk profile going up or down?
  • What risky behaviours are occurring most often within my business?
  • What employees are displaying those behaviours most often and how can I address this?
  • What incidents are happening right now that I need to respond to?


Securely collects your organisation’s employee, vehicle and learning date, from a wide range of data sources to help identify and mange driver & fleet risk.

  • Meet your legal “Duty of Care” compliance requirements
  • Centralises all activities within the Continuum platform
  • 3 Tier approach COMPLIANCE, RISK & TRAINING
  • Comprehensive options from 14 products
  • Every driver activity produces accurate, dynamic data streams
  • Driver dashboard provides visual performance information
  • Driver Risk Profile recommends learning to reduce driver risk
  • In-vehicle and Mobile App data dynamically assesses risk
  • Simplifies Driver & Fleet Management processes


Proprietary normalisation methods of each data source, ensuring all data is comparable and consistent.

  • Continuum’s capability to receive many different data streams
  • Live processing of Driver & Fleet data
  • Centralises all activities within the Continuum platform
  • Ensuring all data is Comparable and Consistent
  • Capability to receive in-house employee data
  • Standardises data from multiple hardware telematics solutions
  • Unique solution to the driver training industry
  • Receives and standardises data 24x7x365
  • Develop new data streams as your organisation grows


Unparalleled insight into risk and compliance management through real-time dashboards and MI.

  • Dynamic Risk Management reporting
  • Real Time Compliance Status reporting
  • Visual reporting through Manager Dashboards
  • Live, dynamic and accurate Management Information
  • Enhanced data from multiple, standardised data streams
  • Focus fleet management resource to where it is needed most
  • Empowered decision making with real-time, accurate data
  • Easily identify individual compliance issues
  • Fair and transparent management of driver communities