Correct Use of View or Share your driving licence information from the DVLA

Information from the DVLA on using the view or share your driving licence information service correctly.

An increasing number of customers are contacting us about third parties (such as car hire companies and employers) asking for their National Insurance Number to input into view or share your driving licence information to check their licence details.

DVLA does not endorse this practice.

Any Fair Processing Declaration form, for example D906 previously D796 cannot be used for the view and share driving licence service.

The view or share your driving licence information service on GOV.UK is designed to be used and viewed directly by the GB driving licence holder only.

Organisations that need to check driving licence details should use the view, share and check driving licence services correctly. This is to avoid breaching the privacy policy and potentially committing a criminal offence under the General Data Protection Regulations.

To access view or share your driving licence information drivers must accept our privacy policy and agree to share their personal details (name, post code and National Insurance Number) with other government agencies as part of our security validation. This ensures the individual has given their genuine and informed consent to share their information. Alternatively, drivers may use the GOV.UK Verify service to authenticate themselves.

The view or share your driving licence information service allows individuals to create a check code to share their licence details with whomever they decide.

The code enables a third party to access the check someone’s driving licence information service.
This allows them to view a summary of the individual’s driver record and see only what the law allows them to see. The information available from this service is sufficient to validate the details provided on the photocard licence. Drivers should also present their driving licence to a third party when using the services.

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