Food Allergies Labelling

Training Course Overview

Our Continuous Professional Development Food Allergies course covers the basics for employers and employees resposible for selling food.

This Food Allergen Training module has been developed for people who work and deal with food; whether it is in food production, packaging, distribution, or processing or via food retail or catering.

Anyone who works with food needs to know about allergens and allergen labelling. They particularly need to be aware of the changes to the rules which were introduced in December 2014. 

In the UK it’s estimated that nearly 2 million people have an allergy to certain foods, and over the last 15 years there has been a staggering 500% increase to admissions into hospitals for food allergies and related systems.

Course Features


Complete anytime


Takes around 45-60 minutes

Provides 1 hour of CPD Credit

Automatic Certification

As a food industry worker you know, there is no cure for food allergy, it must be managed, and the only way to do this is to avoid the foods which cause the allergy.

It is therefore important that people with food allergies can easily find out which products contain the ingredients that they are allergic to. In order to comply with the new EU FIC Regulations, everyone working in the food industry is now required to understand how to make this information readily available to consumers should they need to know. Information is key to this success.

We have developed a food labelling e-learning course in order to help provide a general understanding of current food labelling legislation, as well as information about the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) legislation.

The training offers practical advice to anyone wanting to have guidance on the key aspects of food labelling and understand more to help prevent mislabelling or mis-description of foods.

Completing the course can count towards your Professional Development training, as supported by our CPD certification service.

These regulations will affect all food service organisations, no matter what the size.

Do you own or work in any of the following; if so this course is for you

  • Restaurants, Bistro’s, Pubs and Gastro pubs, Wine, bars, Brasseries
  • Coffee Shops, Cafe’s, Catering, Fast food
  • Retails stores with cafes, Banqueting and conference facilities
  • Leisure attractions such as theme parks
  • Leisure clubs, Museums, Cinemas, Theatres
  • Motorway services, Welfare Catering such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Care Homes, Army, Navy and Airforce
  • Transport Catering (within EU member states) including Planes, Boats and Railways
  • Event catering; Outdoor events such as festivals etc

Key topics covered

  • Covers the 14 major Food Allergens and their labelling
  • Ensure compliance with the Food Information Regulations
  • Learn how to prevent harmful cross-contamination
  • Best practice for voluntary services such as charities and food banks

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