Food Hygiene – Level 1

Training Course Overview

A fully interactive training course aimed at any person who comes into contact with food! From basic food handling, food preparation, to food service.

Training is set by the trainee at a pace to suit, there are multiple pre-test questions throughout, with interactive missions to test your progress.

Course Features


Complete anytime


Takes around 90 minutes

Provides 1 hour of CPD Credit

Automatic Certification

The course is both engaging and educational, and should take between 45 to 60 min’s to complete, meets UK standards for food hygiene and safety.

  • Food Contamination
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Food Preparation
  • HACCP introduction
  • Summary Section
  • Final Test Paper

This is an ideal course for Induction or Refresher training and suitable for anyone who works or comes into contact with FOOD regardless of their working environment.

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