Driver Distraction Module

Course Specification

Licence Bureau are proud to be able to offer their unique Driver Distraction Module.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants and lasting for 30 minutes as part of the Empowered Driving experience participants will learn:


Why we get distracted?

This section looks at the physical and behavioural reasons as to why we get distracted when driving, what is out there to distract us and why some distractions are worse than others.


How distractions affect us:

Within this highly interactive section, we will look at the various affect’s aspects such as mobile phones, satellite navigation, eating and listening to music can have on our ability to concentrate on driving. 

We will explore how our brains process information and how our concentration is severely limited when we are distracted.


What are the impacts?

Next, we will look at the various impacts that driving whilst distracted can have on our own lives and that of others.


What can we do?

Within this section of the workshop we look at what we can do to reduce the risk of driver distraction and the various strategies and lifestyle changes we can make to avoid being involved in a distraction related incident when driving.