Driver Fatigue

Licence Bureau are proud to be able to offer their unique

Driver Fatigue Workshop Module.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants and lasting for 30 minutes participants will learn:

Why we suffer fatigue when driving:

This section looks at the physical and behavioural reasons as to why we suffer fatigue when driving. We will explore the degree of driver fatigue in on-road incidents and the impact that they can have.

When are we mostly likely to suffer fatigue on the road?

Within this highly interactive section we look at the times of day that fatigue will strike and the various factors that contribute to feeling fatigued. We will also investigate the reticence some drivers have to physically dealing with fatigue.

The symptoms:

Next we take a look at what symptoms are present whenever we are suffering fatigue and what physical early signs we can recognise in ourselves when we are tired.

What can we do?

Within this section of the workshop we look at what we can do to reduce the risk of driver fatigue and the various strategies and life style changes we can make to avoid being involved in a fatigue related incident when driving.

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