Licence Bureau’s new digital licence scanning solution

A simple fast and accurate solution to capturing driving licence details using a smartphone or webcam.

We have launched a new digital licence scanning solution via our Licence Bureau Continuum platform.

The technology allows drivers to scan their licences via a camera on their laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The data is scraped by the software, auto-populated onto the D906 e-declaration form and is then sent to the DVLA, allowing Licence Bureau to check the drivers’ status in seconds.

In previous years drivers have had to wet-sign a D906 form and send it as hard copy to us which could cause delays in getting driver checks completed.

That process was expedited by the introduction of e-declaration forms, allowing drivers to sign documents online, however this process is dependent on drivers having an email address. Even today, some 20% of drivers do not have a useable personal or company email address to allow them to receive and sign forms, which causes delays and creates additional problems for busy managers.

To help combat this issue, Licence Bureau has a new scanning functionality as an inclusion to the Continuum platform, meaning a process which could take days is now completed in seconds.

Also, with this software, managers are able to scan their drivers’ licences remotely and, with drivers’ permissions, can easily complete the checks from their own computers via a guest log-in function.

Automatically read non-UK licences

Built with market-leading machine learning technology, non-UK driving licences are identified as part of the scan, allowing the driver to capture scanned images of the front and rear of their driving licence.

Key data such as licence number, name, address and expiration dates are automatically captured and stored within the Continuum platform.