Permit to Drive Compliance

Centrally manage your driver fleet and ensure that only legally compliant drivers are issued with a Permit to Drive.

  • Allows immediate manager look up for individual driver compliance
  • Allows tracking of overall HSE “Duty of Care” compliance rating
  • Ability to configure individual company P2D to meet variable fleet requirements and vehicle categories
  • Dynamic manager dashboard to view all P2D data
  • Support & manage drivers who are close to losing their P2D
  • Protect your business and brand reputation in the event of an incident
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Permit to Drive’ is a Continuum service that allows customers to define their own risk based criteria, ensuring that mandatory driving requirements are met by all employees.

The ‘Permit to Drive’ service is an auditable and intuitive layer of management information, assisting fleet operators to ensure they are fulfilling their duty of care responsibilities.

Drivers are notified once they are granted a ‘Permit to Drive’, as well as if the permit is revoked.

System users will see the notification alerts via the Continuum dashboard, highlighting whether or not employees are compliant with company policy.

Permit to Drive benefits:

  • Nice and simple approach to make sure your drivers have complied with the basics you require
  • Reduces the need to analyse unnecessary management information to establish a drivers suitability
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