Licence Bureau can check all your employee’s driver licence credentials.

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We check driver licences on your businesses behalf so ensuring drivers that you cause or permit to drive for your business have the correct credentials to legally drive.

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Understand your employees unique driver licence number

Each licence holder in England, Scotland and Wales has a unique driver number, which is 16 characters long. The characters are constructed in the following way:

  •  1–5: The first five characters of the surname (padded with 9s if less than 5 characters)
  •  6: The decade digit from the year of birth (e.g. for 1987 it would be 8)
  •  7–8: The month of birth (7th character incremented by 5 if driver is female i.e. 51–62 instead of 01–12)
  •  9–10: The date within the month of birth
  •  11: The year digit from the year of birth (e.g. for 1987 it would be 7)
  •  12–13: The first two initials of the first names, padded with a 9 if no middle name
  •  14: Arbitrary digit – usually 9, but decremented to differentiate drivers with the first 13 characters in common
  •  15–16: Two computer check digits.
  •  17–18: Appended, two digits representing the licence issue, which increases by 1 for each licence issued.

Each Northern Ireland licence holder has a unique driver number which is 8 characters long. The characters are not constructed in any particular pattern.