Driver training to increase safety, decrease accidents and reduced fleet costs during logistics boom

The UK’s booming logistics sector must not fall behind on safety and compliance while in a period of expansion, urges TTC of which Licence Bureau is a part of. It is calling on the industry to continue to focus on driver training for all within the sector in order to increase road safety, decrease accident rates and lower fleet costs for operators, for the benefit of all.

The UK logistics industry has expanded by 190,000 employees in 3 years and is on track to overtaking the UK’s largest employer, the NHS by 2023. While this has created more than 125,000 jobs across the UK, it has also increased the pressure on operators to fill driving roles. With the increased risk that driver training and compliance could slip in the face of rapid growth, TTC of which Licence Bureau is a part of is urging operators to keep in mind that an increase in training and compliance leads to lower operational costs in the medium and long term.

Andy Wheeler, TTC Group Training Director at TTC of which Licence Bureau is a part of, commented: “It has been excellent to see the UK logistics sector flourish, and the huge number of jobs created as a result, however this has raised the need for increased levels of driver training across the country to ensure the safety of road users.”

Wheeler added, “While we have seen an increase in driver training uptake over the last three years, with the industry set to expand further with even more drivers recruited, it is crucial that ongoing driver training does not take a back-seat for operators. With new and existing drivers given access to the correct training to maintain compliance, the UK will be able to continue levelling up in safety.”

“Logistics companies which ensure their driver training programs remain a priority for managers, see immediate returns on investment, as alongside driver safety, downtime is minimised, insurance risks fall, and repair and maintenance costs fall alongside fuel consumption, in short, it’s a win win.” concluded Wheeler.

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