Our risk assessment service includes automatic driver training using e-learning modules.

You may however feel that Classroom and In-Vehicle training is more appropriate.


Classroom and In-Vehicle Training

Our unique programme brings together the latest thinking in driver education whilst giving you the flexibility to input core subjects that may be on your own company’s agenda.


In addition to these core themes we can add up to 2 additional modules.

What is it?

Our classroom workshops are highly interactive, last 2.5 hours and can accommodate up to 16 participants. They consist of 2 core driver coaching workshops:

Safe Driving

This eye opening and highly educational workshop investigates why we crash our vehicles, where incidents occur in the UK and what the most common incidents are that we are likely to be involved in. Using real world strategies, together we will develop new ways of thinking about driving risk and how we can avoid being involved in an incident.

Driven to Distraction

The world is changing and with it is our ability to be distracted by a myriad of inner and outer influences whilst driving. This course will provide a new perspective on all the distractions we face, provide an understanding of how our brain processes information and give all that attend the ability to recognise and deal with driver risk from a totally new and invigorating perspective.

So why these workshops?

Customer feedback:

  • I feel that I am a non-distracted driver 90% of the time. This course has helped me find methods to cover the 10% when distracted.
  • Engaging, Enlightening, Educational.
  • Very informative and thought provoking. Very interactive and encouraging.
  • Very good thought provoking course.


We are able to offer coaching courses for all vehicles and all situations including: Driver development, Eco driving, UK familiarisation, Parking and Manoeuvring and Post incident coaching.

What does it cost?

There is a fixed fee per course and additional fees for modules and out of hour sessions.

What they say: 

Attendee comments having taken the “Safe Driving Workshop”

  • Very good instruction and engaging, much better than CPC
  • Brilliant Course
  • Very useful and informative
  • Excellent, engaging, learnt a lot
  • Very good presenting / content
  • Very engaging trainer that kept everyone interested the whole time
  • Excellent
  • Good Course Thank you
  • Good Fun
  • Very good helped me think more about how I drive
  • Very Good
  • Very engaging and informative session
  • Very enthusiastic
  • Enjoyable session
  • Very well done
  • Learnt some good things from this
  • Learnt about things I could do differently
  • Very good delivery of course materials
  • Not condescending in tone
  • Very good course to improve awareness of driving safely
  • Very easy to understand and approach
  • Excellent
  • Good Course Thank you
  • Very Good
  • Very engaging and informative session
  • Excellent, common sense in reality but content quite shocking with respect to driver stupidity
  • Very easy to follow and understand
  • Totally relevant to personal and professional driving
  • Spot on
  • Excellent Course, delivered really well
  • Everyone should regularly attend this course
  • Well Presented
  • Best Ever J
  • Enjoyable and Informative
  • Very Informative
  • Did a fantastic job, great trainer, made fun of an otherwise serious topic. Made sure that everyone was listening and learnt the subject.
  • Very good course thanks
  • Gave good insights into a role we have taken for granted
  • Well presented and informative.
  • Very good thank you, very good overall course,
  • Very Good
  • Very good trainer
  • Excellent presentation
  • Easy to learn Would Definitely attend another of his training sessions
  • Enjoyable, Martin delivered the course in an engaging and entertaining way,
  • Entertaining whilst educational
  • Good to re-do the course to refresh,
  • Very Good and Informative
  • Well presented and enjoyable course
  • Very enjoyable
  • Good course, everybody should attend and will get value from it.
  • Very good course
  • Very good! Great,
  • Very engaging
  • learnt a lot about things that I didn’t pay attention before
  • Found it very helpful
  • Enjoyed the course
  • Trainer Kept it interesting at all times
  • Very, very good Kept it interesting, really enjoyed it.
  • Good, Martin explained topics really well
  • A serious subject but kept audience attention,
  • Great and very informative, Enthusiastic / engaging
  • lay out of presentation clearly presented,
  • The trainer knows what he is doing… excellent,
  • Good, relaxed and involved group
  • Very good eye opener, should be delivered to all employees
  • Very good and informative…I will leave with some very useful information
  • Very informative and interesting,
  • Very good interesting and engaging,
  • Great knowledge, good fun
  • Lovely trainer… very knowledgeable
  • Really good very knowledgeable made me feel relaxed.. really enjoyed it,
  • Very good
  • As a relatively young driver it has benefited me greatly
  • Informative and delivered excellent examples and kept it interesting and engaging
  • Martin was a really nice gent… really good.
  • Engaging and humorous in delivering the message of the course,
  • Great trainer, informative and interesting
  • Well presented
  • Very informative
  • Martin was superb made course entertaining,
  • Enjoyed the training given by martin
  • Trainer made it a very enjoyable course,
  • Made the course enjoyable and not so boring like all the others.
  • Very clear kept everyone engaged
  • Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  • Excellent course
  • A very interesting and informative course given in a very good style
  • Very engaging and knowledgeable.
  • Brilliant Course
  • very good content of course and delivery
  • Good course presented very well
  • Very informative, lots of issues mentioned unaware of
  • extremely valuable moving forward.
  • John was very good and a very good trainer, Very informative course well presented,
  • Very Good, Delivered very professionally
  • I thought it was going to be boring , but it made me think and I thought it was very interesting and knowledgeable,
  • Thought it was going to be boring like CPC, completely the opposite, enjoyable and fun
  • Thought there could be potential of course being boring but was surprised how interesting,
  • Great Trainer, Good presentation skills and style, engaging, humorous and made it easy to learn.
  • Excellent, Very informative – clear training
  • Martin was great – kept you involved thank you- great,
  • Course delivery fun + easy to follow
  • Good refresher, all drivers should attend with basic explanation of what the course is about.
  • Brilliant Thank you
  • Great presentation style –attention holding and interactive, Good course
  • Very well presented and delivered
  • Very Good
  • A great deal learnt of aware of keeping better driving habits
  • Very knowledgeable and interesting style of delivery
  • Great course – made me think,
  • Best trainer I have ever had in any training, fantastic trainer,
  • Very Good,
  • Good interactive, visual course with good info
  • Very good course
  • Really useful, not to long, good trainer
  • Course and trainer were excellent,
  • Excellent course… many thanks
  • Excellent well-presented and well-paced
  • Very knowledgeable and interesting course
  • Great course would recommend
  • All parts covered expertly
  • Honestly the most engaging course / training / awareness I have been involved in,
  • fantastic attitude, knowledgeable, Engaging, interesting, informative
  • Great delivery Martin was engaging and made content interesting and relevant
  • Good Course, really opened my eyes to potential accidents and take more time.
  • Found interesting
  • Very good
  • Useful materials to take on board
  • Excellent
  • Awesome
  • Very Informative and engaging
  • Really good and enjoyable class
  • I really enjoyed the course
  • Very good, kept everyone interested and learning
  • Good Trainer
  • One of the better courses
  • Very good at delivering his subject
  • Very interesting
  • Martin is very knowledgeable, good energy, good knowledge
  • Good mix of media and interaction
  • Encouraging good humour, uses own experience and stories to make it relatable,
  • This information can transfer into my everyday driving, mix of good skills and tips to make driving easier.
  • Lots of positive information delivered well,
  • Very informative course
  • Top bloke
  • Good course, plenty of food for thought, very well delivered
  • Trainer was superb, Very interesting course, trainer put it across in words you can understand, learnt a lot.
  • Presented very well, info very beneficial, Engaging and enthusiastic,
  • Very well organised, was able to have a laugh, very nice chap
  • Really good course, made me more aware on driving.
  • 10/10 top course and will work with my long driving distances.
  • This was a good course 10/10. Very enjoyable.
  • Good information and well presented. 10/10 thanks
  • Excellent- very engaging and simple ways of teaching – not overloading with info so I will remember.
  • Very Informative
  • Excellent
  • Martin was really good at keeping me interested
  • Very good
  • Excellent,
  • Material was good, good mix of presentation, video and speaking
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