Our risk assessment service includes automatic driver training using e-learning modules.

You may however feel that Classroom and In-Vehicle training is more appropriate.

Classroom and In-Vehicle Training

Our unique programme brings together the latest thinking in driver education whilst giving you the flexibility to input core subjects that may be on your own company’s agenda.


In addition to these core themes we can add up to 2 additional modules.

What is it?

Our classroom workshops are highly interactive, last 2.5 hours and can accommodate up to 16 participants. They consist of 2 core driver coaching workshops:

Safe Driving

This eye opening and highly educational workshop investigates why we crash our vehicles, where incidents occur in the UK and what the most common incidents are that we are likely to be involved in. Using real world strategies, together we will develop new ways of thinking about driving risk and how we can avoid being involved in an incident.

Driven to Distraction

The world is changing and with it is our ability to be distracted by a myriad of inner and outer influences whilst driving. This course will provide a new perspective on all the distractions we face, provide an understanding of how our brain processes information and give all that attend the ability to recognise and deal with driver risk from a totally new and invigorating perspective.

So why these workshops?

Customer feedback:

  • I feel that I am a non-distracted driver 90% of the time. This course has helped me find methods to cover the 10% when distracted.
  • Engaging, Enlightening, Educational.
  • Very informative and thought provoking. Very interactive and encouraging.
  • Very good thought provoking course.


We are able to offer coaching courses for all vehicles and all situations including: Driver development, Eco driving, UK familiarisation, Parking and Manoeuvring and Post incident coaching.

What does it cost?

There is a fixed fee per course and additional fees for modules and out of hour sessions.

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