Our eLearning and road safety videos are developed to be consumed in small chunk size modules which allows drivers to fit in learning into their schedules, and dip-in as and when required. We have a broad range of eLearning content and educational videos on road safety.

Our solution allocates educational content based on the driver’s personalised requirements, which they need to address and develop safer behaviours on the road.

Following the completion of a risk assessment and training needs analysis, drivers receive a schedule of eLearning as well as various road safety educational video content.

  • 15 bite sized eLearning modules (8-12 mins each)
  • Personalised eLearning modules assigned every 3 months following risk assessment
  • 36 mini modules (1-3 mins video)
  • One mini module assigned every month for ongoing and unobtrusive learning
  • Seasonal eLearning modules available
  • Each completed module recalculates the driver’s risk profile, creating dynamic risk score
  • Reminders and manager alerts for overdue eLearning
  • Part of our “Blended Learning” approach
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