Licence Bureau, part of TTC Group work with Local Authorities and Private Hire operators to improve Taxi driving standards and public safety through the delivery of relevant Taxi and Private Hire Driver Assessment courses.

The Taxi Driving Assessment courses available via your Local Authority include:-

Bespoke courses are also available:-

  • Corporate Compliance Course
  • Wheelchair Training Course: (Theory Workshop) – WAV’s
  • Wheelchair Training course: (Practical Workshop) – WAV’s
  • In vehicle Assessments and Theory Testing / Workshops

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Safeguarding Training for the Taxi Trade

Safeguarding Training for the Taxi Trade. Taxi centric safeguarding training to meet compliance guidelines. Format: Virtual classroom delivery, classroom by request. Location: Available online nationwide. Price: £35.00

  • Meets key elements of Government safeguarding compliance fulfilment
  • Practical scenario discussions relevant to real world situations
  • Introduces sensitive and emotive topics in a controlled and empathetic manner to highlight aspects of individual and societal behaviour that otherwise may go unnoticed or unreported
  • Identifies non-verbal methods of communication often used by victims and advice on how to respond to support them safely
  • Details the various organisations and support available to victims and methods of contact

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Course Specification

Disability Awareness Training for the Taxi Trade

  • Continues safeguarding compliance specific to the Equality Act 2010
  • Incorporates multiple aspects of disability awareness (not just WAV’s)
  • Not limited to drivers, but for all workers engaged in the industry
  • Fulfils duty of care responsibility (legal, moral, and financial)
  • Promotes a transport culture of improved passenger comfort and safety

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Course Specification

Remedial Driver Training for the Taxi Trade Course

  • Offers disciplinary action without draconian suspensions
  • Reduces the involvement of the licencing committee in enforcement cases and supports more stringent action for repeat offenders
  • Develops understanding of the wider complaints issue and workable solutions
  • Provides proof of completion, easy to manage and reduces burden on enforcement team to ensure compliance of disciplinary action
  • As a stand-alone course it can be used as part of ongoing or an induction course for new entrants or at badge renewal to promote a reduction in complaints

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Course Specification

Corporate Compliance Course

  • Designed for the larger corporate business to support duty of care, driver training, and reduction in road risk events
  • Suitable for all fleet types including PCV, Minibus, Chauffeur, film and TV operators
  • Stand-alone course that compliments the safeguarding and Disability awareness modules
  • Develops delegate awareness of road risk, opportunity for self-reflection on own driving style and updates in current legislation
  • Introduces some elements of advanced driving techniques with easy-to-follow advice on how to incorporate into driving style
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Wheelchair Training Course: (Theory Workshop) – WAV’s


  • Delegates to understand the legal and moral aspects of duty of care
  • Aimed at drivers and passenger escorts
  • Practical advice through video and photographic material of incorrect loading, securing, and unloading practises (side and rear loading)
  • Development of on-road driving skills to support safer transport of passengers using wheelchairs
  • Develops training elements introduced in the disability and safeguarding courses
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Wheelchair Training course: (Practical Workshop) – WAV’s


  • Includes the theory workshop plus
    • Demonstration of correct and incorrect loading, securing, and unloading techniques
    • Detailed discussion of cause and consequence
    • Opportunity to practise
    • Can include a practical assessment test at the end
    • Beneficial to Local Authority enforcement officers to gain insight into the bad practise by drivers and mitigate any action arising as a result
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In vehicle Assessments and Theory Testing / Workshops


  • Workshops designed to improve the delegate knowledge, understanding and ability in safe driving skills
  • Prepares the delegate to undertake the assessments with a greater likelihood of success
  • Fulfils the Local Authority duty of care and compliance with issue of badges to operate as a licensed driver
  • Feedback to delegates offered in a supportive manner aimed at helping those unsuccessful at the assessments to understand the cause with practical advice on how to correct moving forward
  • Offers Local Authorities confidence in delivery of national standards at a local level
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All Courses:

  • All course delivered online by an experienced trainer with a depth of industry related knowledge and backed up by a team of experts
  • Virtual online course uses an identification process to ensure the delegate attending is the correct delegate to attend.
  • An ongoing and robust Quality Assurance, compliance, and reporting process with e-certificates for successful delegates
  • Easy online booking access for delegates
  • Reduction in carbon footprint and easy control of cost neutral compliance by the local authority
  • All material is designed to industry centric and easy to follow with a mixture of inclusive learning styles to meet the needs of delegates

Why choose Licence Bureau, part of TTC groups Taxi and Private Hire Driver Assessments?

  • Tailored to meet the priorities of each Local Authority and “taxi driver training”
  • Raises the standard of Taxi and  Private Hire driving standards
  • Reduces the waiting lists for new Taxi and Private Hire drivers to gain their licence
  • Builds better relationships with local private hire operators
  • Delivers in-vehicle taxi driver training and coaching
  • Workshop training delivery of “taxi assessment” exam for driver knowledge and competency
  • Improves public perception and public safety 


“We have been very impressed with the professionalism of TTC, the quality of its road safety experts and the systems they have in place to make the booking and payment process a lot simpler for candidates. I’m confident that following the tests, applicants will fully understand the importance of being a safe driver.”
Carl Phillips. Commercial Manager, Public Protection Team - Telford and Wrekin Council.

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