Driving, Drink and Drugs

Licence Bureau are proud to be able to offer their unique

Driving, Drink and Drugs Workshop Module.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants and lasting for 30 minutes participants will learn:

The growing issue:

This section looks at the increasing use of drugs in society today and how the use of recreational drugs both illegal and legal is starting to have an effect on driving for business. We will also investigate how the perception of drink driving is seen in society today.

The effects of various substances:

Within this highly interactive section we look at how the use of drink and drugs can affect the way we drive and how it has a negative impact on our ability to avoid being involved in an incident on the road.

Knowing your limits:

Next we take a look at what the limits are around alcohol, the effects it has on us and how long it takes to leave our system. We will also explore the various punishments you can expect to receive should you get caught over the limit and what ramifications that can have for you personally, your career and your family.

Driving on prescription drugs:

Within this section of the workshop we look at the various prescription drugs that many of us may use on a daily basis and how they can often be more detrimental to driving than we may have thought.

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