Webinar on Drug Driving : The Growing Problem. How to Protect Your Business.

Drug use has increased substantially across the UK in the last decade, with the COVID-19 pandemic having accelerated the problem of both drink and drug driving across the country; deaths and casualties from drink and drug have increased accordingly.

On the 10th May we held a webinar for employers looking to ensure their duty of care in protecting employees. That collaborative discussion delivered by TTC and D.tec International highlighted and encourage best practice sharing around drug and alcohol screening in the workplace.

Areas discussed included drug use across the UK has increased substantially over the past few years, with a significant increase in drug driving arrests. The fact that most people are naïve to the effects of drugs, including the drug users themselves, emphasizing the weight of the problem and advice for organisations regarding what steps can you take to keep your employees protected from drug misuse within the workplace.

Please click the graphic to access the webinar replay:

Drug Driving the growing problem DTEC and TTC May 22 Webinar