Duty of Care for fleet drivers article in the Financial Director Magazine featuring comments from Licence Bureau

Risk assessment starts with checking drivers’ licences. From June this year, the Financial Director magazine paper counterpart goes digital, making it more difficult to inspect. “The biggest risk to a company is not having in place a solution to check driving licences because a driver will not be able to produce a document without going online to create it in front of their employer,” says managing director of Licence Bureau Malcolm Maycock.

Penalty points on a licence are not only an indication of a driver’s attitude to the law. If someone with an otherwise clean record gains three lots of speeding points in quick succession, it could be stress-related: that person is not concentrating. Whereas, says Maycock, “if they collect points over 14 months for failing to comply with a road sign, using a hand-held mobile phone and speeding, they appear to have a total disregard for any offences”.

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