Interesting DVLA driver licence statistics resulting from a recent FOI request

As of the beginning of May 2015, this table shows the number of full and provision driving licence holders who have points on their driving licence:

Points Total
0 43,620,134
1-4 2,267,986
5-8 507,265
9-11 79,286
12 and over 6,867
Grand Total 46,481,538

Also, as of the beginning of May 2015, there were:

118,916 driving licence holders recorded as disqualified.

805,359 driving licence holders previously disqualified who had regained entitlement to drive.

563,105 driving licence holders in the DVLA database that have a currently revoked licence.

776,654 driving licence holders that had been previously revoked and are now able to drive again.

1,153,471 driving licence holders with convictions that must remain on the diving licence for 11 years from the date of conviction.