DVLA has introduced a new photocard driving licence in the United Kingdom

The new photocard driving licence was introduced toward the end of February this year, but current licence holders do not need to panic as you will not be required to update your driving licence until it is due for renewal or you require your details changed (e.g. address, name etc).

Information shown on the card – full name, date of birth, types of vehicle you’re entitled to drive and the licence’s period of validity – will all remain the same.

However, the card will have a new design and, more importantly, an array of security features which it’s hoped will prevent fraudulent copies being made.

The new security features include an extra security holograph and the driver’s picture will appear in black and white and be engraved into several layers of the card. Optical Variable Ink will be used on the card which appears to change colour depending on the angle the card is held.