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Who does drive in your organisation? Your driver – your liability.

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All companies have a responsibility to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, that the health, safety and welfare of employees is looked after in the workplace.

A company must ensure that others are not put at risk by the work activities of their employees.

Under Duty of Care guidelines an employer, has a Duty of Care for all their Drivers and the general public to ensure “work related road safety” obligations are met.

Licence Bureau provides employee audits to confirm if an employee will carry out any business journeys and, if so, then undertakes an on-line assessment for the individual to record various aspects of their attitude and understanding of driving at work.

Why Audit?

To understand, identify and reduce the risks involved in driving at work, our audit verifies

  • Which employees drive for work
  • What they drive
  • Whether they are both aware of your policies and have read and understood them
  • Highway code knowledge
  • General health
  • Incident history

Additional Flexibility

  • The audit is flexible you can add or remove questions
  • The audit raises alerts for answers that cause concern
  • Auditable actions can be undertaken to remedy
  • The process is then repeated on a frequency based on your policy

Licence Bureau through our Audit can verify with every employee whether or not they drive for work and that they are aware of your policies which they have read and understood. The survey also ensures they are compliant and you are aware of what and when they drive as well as their general health.

Our audit ensures compliance and that the employee is aware of what is required of them.

In addition the audit for no extra charge can be amended to remove questions and add in those that are unique to your own business thus allowing non driving issues to be raised and complied with.

Once each employee has undertaken the audit we can then decide the frequency for non-drivers and drivers to ensure you stay compliant!!


You need to ensure your drivers understand your policies for:

Not only is ensuring your drivers understand your policies safer – it’s good business sense.

Managing your driver’s knowledge of your policies effectively can help cut your insurance costs by 11% – but until now it’s been a real hassle.

Licence Bureau sends your staff a simple survey that checks their knowledge. The survey takes only minutes and can be completed at work or home.

We send you the results, so you know where you’re exposed to a business risk.

If you do not know already we will confirm who drives, what and how far?

Who understand your policies and the highway code?

So next time an incident occurs you will know that your staff have read and understood your policies.

This service is supported by leading UK legal and risk management experts.

If you’d like to discuss reducing the risks, costs and hassle of managing your drivers please contact us today.

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