Employee eDeclaration to Licence Check Result in Under 10 seconds!

As a Licence Bureau client using our Compliance Managed Service portal you will be able to see an employee’s drivers licence check result on average in less than 10 seconds after the employee has signed their eDeclaration.

Clients have found that the total time involved in adding the driver to seeing the result is less than 3 minutes. 

How quick is that!

An Employer adds the driver to the CMS portal, name and any email which takes less than 1 minute to log in and add.

  • The driver receives an email on any device they choose or can log into their email on a client device which is immediate.
  • The driver completes D906 online in a couple of minutes.
  • Then within a few seconds the result is posted on the CMS portal.


  • One code authentication
  • No physical signature required
  • Quick and secure
  • Invite communication can be tailored to suit business requirements
  • 3 year validity – we do not need to trouble drivers again across this period
  • Driver data is securely held at our Hemel Hempstead office