Employees still using Mobile Phones while driving?

Your problem, risk and liability. When your drivers use a mobile phone whilst driving on your behalf, you are also liable. That’s the law, even when they use their own vehicles.


You need to ensure your drivers understand your policies for:

  • Driver Handbook
  • Mobile Phone Use
  • Smoking
  • Fatigue
  • Eyesight
  • Health

Not only is ensuring your drivers understand your policies safer, it’s good business sense.

Licence Bureau sends your staff a simple survey that checks their knowledge. The survey takes only minutes and can be completed at work or home.

We provide the results for you through our award winning Compliance Managed Services (CMS) portal  so you know where you’re exposed to a business risk.

If you do not know already we will confirm who drives, what and how far?

Who understands your policies and the highway code?

So next time an incident occurs you will know that your staff have read and understood your policies.

This service is supported by leading UK legal and risk management experts.

If you’d like to discuss reducing the risks, costs and hassle of managing your drivers please contact us today.