Employers agree driver eyesight testing would reduce collisions … and save businesses money

Research carried out by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare reveals today that the majority of employers believe driver eyesight testing would help to reduce collisions and save businesses and organisations money.

The independent survey of more than 100 heads of UK companies and organisations, representing a minimum of 300,000 employees, shows that 59% of employers believe that regular eyesight tests for employees who drive for work purposes would help to reduce collisions. Just 10% of employers surveyed said they did not think regular driver eyesight testing would help to reduce collisions.

Jim Lythgow, director of strategic alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said: ‘It is clear here that further education is needed on the link between eyecare and greater safety on our roads. We work closely with road safety charity, Brake, and they categorically state that ‘Poor vision increases your risk of crashing’[2]. Employers have an important role to play in ensuring people are fit to drive and this begins with understanding the risks. Ensuring employees have adequate eyesight for driving brings great benefits for all.’

Furthermore, 61% said they also thought that testing the eyesight of employers that drive would save the business or organisation money overall.

‘This is a significant finding,’ comments Mr Lythgow. ‘While it is hugely beneficial for employers to realise that driver eyecare can reduce the risk of collisions, businesses are bound to also be money-driven. With so many employers also making the connection between eyecare and a reduction in costs, we really hope that more businesses will be spurred into action. Eyecare is an extremely low-cost benefit and the savings that can be made in terms of uninsured losses – sick pay, lost time, increased premiums – if a collision should occur, are likely to far outway the cost of eyecare provision. The cost of collisions to the individual may, of course, be immeasurable.’