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What is Empowered Driving?

Empowered Driving is an opportunity to put control back into the hands of your drivers, empowering them to be the very best that they can be.

Empowered Driving gives them the ability to re-evaluate the way they drive and bring new ways of thinking to the forefront.

Empowered Driving provides them with the tools and strategies to question existing behaviours and take on board a more controlled and calm methodology towards driving.

Empowered Driving creates a culture for management to take control of their companies driving issues and reduce the risk of at work road related incidents.


How Empowered Driving Works?

Working in groups of up to 16 participants, delivered from your location and lasting for 2.5 hours participants will engage with:

Why we crash our vehicles

Where incidents happen?

The most common incidents:

What can we do?

How does our speed affect the outcomes?

Understanding how we can bring it all together:


Taking Empowered Driving even further with Empowered Plus

Empowered Driving is a truly eye-opening experience and whilst we are confident that your drivers will find it a highly fulfilling experience, we want to be able to make it as relevant to your organisation as possible. 

To enable this, we have developed 10 bolt-on modules that you can include into your Empowered Driving experience.

Each one of our Empowered Plus Modules lasts 30 minutes and you can choose up to two modules per any one Empowered Driving session.  Adding Empowered Plus takes your experience from a 2.5 hour to a 3 or 3.5-hour journey of learning.

Empowered Driving Plus


Speed Awareness Driver Fatigue
Driver Distraction Electric Vehicles
Vulnerable Road Users ADAS Familiarisation 
Eco Driving The impacts of Drink and Drugs 
 Winter Driving Night Driving



The Difference being an Empowered Driver makes:

Certainly, raised my awareness of my own complacencies

Great course, trainer was brilliant. Would happily recommend.

This driver course should be compulsory for every driver.

Great course interesting facts. Excellent fast-moving course. Very pleasantly surprised with content and delivery of it, will highly recommend course and inform others of content.

Made me a lot more aware of how to drive safely.

Good course really opened my eyes to potential accidents and take more time.

This information can transfer into my everyday driving, mix of good skills and tips to make driving easier.

10/10 top course and will work with my long driving distances.

Very enlightening and certainly though provoking, it will change my driving.

Great delivery and eye opening. Every new driver should go on this course and refresh every few years.

I have been driving since the early 80’s and have learnt plenty today, good course.

The course was very informative, and I have learnt a huge amount about road behaviour and driving styles.

Very professional, good mix of content PowerPoint/ videos/ examples/ stats would recommend as it was valuable to me.

Brilliant advice that goes well beyond driving for work, should be mandatory for everyone on the road.