Flags on licences

This month the DVLA have started issuing the new style photocard licences to new drivers and when old-style licences need to be renewed or replaced.

Transport Minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon said: Our flag is recognised and respected around the world and is something which British people take pride in. I am delighted to see it featured on driving licences.


We are bringing the country together. Adding our national flag to British driving licences is a true celebration of one nation Britain.

The European Union flag has been displayed on full driving licences since photocards first came into use in July 1998. More than 132 million photocard licences have been issued since they were introduced. Last year alone, DVLA issued more than 10.4 million licences.

Further information about the changes is available via https://www.gov.uk/government/news/union-flags-now-feature-on-british-driving-licences