“Having access to the FORS online licence checking system with automated alerts received when there is a problem with a driver and their licence makes my life much easier,” explained Martin Halpin, deputy transport manager at Owen Scaffold.

“Previously to signing up to the FORS licence checking portal I personally checked licences manually, but this was time consuming, especially when faced with managing my three jobs within the group. It saves me time and always ensures our drivers are legally compliant which is a major priority,” he added.

Owen Scaffold runs 80 light vans and three HGVs in its construction and scaffolding business based on the south coast near Eastbourne, with Martin Halpin managing all aspects of transport compliance. As with many companies based in construction it has a number of long serving staff, supported by staff that regularly change employers depending on work availability.

Many of its staff work remotely from the head office, with some travelling short distances to work each day while others travel 30-40 miles in their company van.

The company invests in checking all drivers with eight points or more on a monthly basis, while drivers with a clean driving record have their licence checked every six months.

“The boss is happy to invest in licence checks to ensure we are always up to date with the driving eligibility of our employees,” said Martin.

All new employees automatically have their licences checked before they are formally offered employment. If they do have points on their licence, Martin makes it very clear that their driving will be under scrutiny before they are issued with a company van.

“We are also looking at adopting the FORS Van Smart distance learning for drivers, including newcomers as it gives them useful tips on best driving practice while they are at the wheel of their van. We are also looking at the FORS HGV Cycle Smart courses. While our trucks don’t travel to central London very often, it is imperative that they are aware of how best to safely integrate with other road users at all times,” said Martin.

Image of OWEN vehicles

FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited, the country’s leading provider of secure driver licence checks, to provide a FORS driver licence checking service.

Then please load as a testimonial at  https://www.licencebureau.co.uk/about-licence-bureau/case-studies-testimonials/