Read through our FAQs below to find out more about our training courses.

Can I use online health and safety training courses for my whole organisation, or just my team?

You can use it for both. The management system allows you to set different training course requirements for individuals, teams or department. You can also simply allocate the same training course to everyone.

Can I use the learning management system to manage multiple offices, locations and sites?

Yes, using your learning management system dashboard you can set up and manage multiple locations and departments quickly and easily.

How long does a health and safety eLearning course take?

Most of the health and safety courses take around 45-60 minutes to complete. You will need to allow for a slightly different time per user depending on their ability.

Can I set the online training course pass rates to suit my business?

Yes, you can set a pre-determined pass rate for each health and safety course. It’s also easy to identify who may need some extra one-on-one training. You can then issue the certificate manually once you are happy your standards are met.

Are your health and safety training online courses approved for use?

Yes, the health and safety courses are approved by RoSPA and are accredited for CPD workplace training credit accrual.

Can I use these health and safety online training courses outside of the UK?

Yes, the health and safety courses are designed to meet all relevant UK and EU regulations and as such are of a very high standard. This means the health and safety course content is suitable for training use outside of these territories but it is important you check your local laws first.

Is the learning management system platform easy to use?

Yes, the platform, has been in use for over 20 years and goes through regular testing and refinement to deliver a learning management system that is intuitive and packed full of useful features.