Welcome to In-Vehicle Training

Empowered Driving In- Vehicle is a targeted and cost-effective in-vehicle driver training session.

It’s the ideal way to keep your employees safe, increase driving confidence and equip them with skills for their professional and personal life.

Operating costs can be unpredictable, especially fuel costs and insurance premiums. But one thing is for sure: you’ll always want to keep your costs low.

The course helps you achieve efficiencies in operating costs and reduce vehicle incident rates – the main cause behind rising insurance premiums.

You will also benefit from compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Licence Bureau Empowered Driving In- Vehicle is available in half day or full day sessions, for all vehicle classes, levels of experience and confidence and delivered at a venue of your choice.

Courses are scheduled to suit your availability.  

All joining instructions are issued to delegates before the course.

At Licence Bureau we believe driving courses should centre on the reasons a driver behaves in a certain way.  No driver will change the way they conduct a certain task unless they can see a negative risk and a positive benefit from doing it differently.

That’s why our Empowered Driving In-Vehicle course aims to make the most of the time we have with your drivers and maximise the amount of driving time delivered.

Licence Bureau trainers cover all the driving fundamentals, including:


  • Licence, eyesight and vehicle check
  • An introduction to safer driving and its benefits to the individual, the company and society in general
  • Concentration, observation and anticipation
  • Vehicle control, including best fuel efficiency and environmental awareness
  • Specific solutions matched to the experience of the individual
  • An assessment of each driver’s ability
  • A short demonstration by the trainer of instructional commentary, followed by student practice
  • Individual training for each driver, paying particular attention to any specific problems he or she may have
  • A full debriefing at the end of each session to provide guidance and advice, specifically in relation to an individual’s risk profile
  • A comprehensive printed report for the company, submitted shortly after the course, which includes each individual’s personal development plan.


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