Licence Bureau on the right rails

Licence Bureau has won a two-year tender to supply driver licence checking services for the railway infrastructure company Network Rail.

The contract, announced today after a tender process started in August 2013, sees Licence Bureau starting a partnership to deliver Network Rail’s driver licence validation service as well as a comprehensive audit of all employees to determine their driving status and helping to improve Network Rail’s driver and fleet safety.

Licence Bureau CEO Malcolm Maycock said, “We are delighted to bring on board yet another major UK employer, indeed one that has the eighth largest road fleet in the UK. Network Rail only considered companies for the tender who were ISO27001 accredited due to the importance of data security. Our business has always been managed with information safekeeping as a core discipline.”

· Rail infrastructure company Network Rail has the eighth largest road fleet in the UK (Fleet News (2013) Fleet 200: 2012 supplement, May 2013), with 7,500 cars and vans travelling 127 million miles annually. Network Rail has18,000 drivers who drive on their behalf each year.

· Licence Bureau was the first company in the UK to supply, via the DVLA, a B2B driver licence checking service in 2003, having since checked over one million licences.