New Driving Licence Adaptation Codes issued from 28th November 2016

From 28 November 2016 driving licences issued to people that need adapted vehicles will have new codes.

The new codes are:
31 – Pedal adaptations and pedal safeguards
32 – Combined service brake and accelerator systems
33 – Combined service brake, accelerator and steering systems
These codes will replace code 30 – modified combined braking and accelerator systems.
There will also be two new sub-codes added to the existing code 44 – modifications to motorbikes:
44.11 – Adapted foot rest
44.12 – Adapted hand grip
You might continue to see licenses showing code 30 or 44 without the sub-codes because they can only be updated and a new licence issued when:

  • DVLA are advised of a change in the drivers’ medical condition
  • Drivers renew their licence.

Where will the codes be shown?
The new codes will be shown on the back of the driving licence

Pasted image at 2016_08_04 11_37 AM

They will also be shown on DVLA’s online services View Driving Licence (VDL), Check Driving Licence (CDL), Driver Validation Service (DVS) and Driving Licence Check (DLC).