From 28 November 2016 driving licences issued to people that need adapted vehicles will have new codes.

The new codes are:
31 – Pedal adaptations and pedal safeguards
32 – Combined service brake and accelerator systems
33 – Combined service brake, accelerator and steering systems
These codes will replace code 30 – modified combined braking and accelerator systems.
There will also be two new sub-codes added to the existing code 44 – modifications to motorbikes:
44.11 – Adapted foot rest
44.12 – Adapted hand grip
You might continue to see licenses showing code 30 or 44 without the sub-codes because they can only be updated and a new licence issued when:

  • DVLA are advised of a change in the drivers’ medical condition
  • Drivers renew their licence.

Where will the codes be shown?
The new codes will be shown on the back of the driving licence

Pasted image at 2016_08_04 11_37 AM

They will also be shown on DVLA’s online services View Driving Licence (VDL), Check Driving Licence (CDL), Driver Validation Service (DVS) and Driving Licence Check (DLC).

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