Staff driving in the course of work must be licensed and insured

Mike Reed Marketing Director at Licence Bureau Ltd whose head quarters are located in Hemel Hempstead was very pleased that local MP Mike Penning, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport recently stated “It is important for responsible employers to ensure that staff driving in the course of work are licensed and insured.”

FAQs for DVLA policy change on revocation of driving licences.

Licence Bureau have received additional FAQ information direct from the DVLA in regards of our previous bulletin, “DVLA policy change affect 42,000 UK drivers per annum”.  Below is the concise FAQs document as supplied by DVLA Operational Support & Development Directorate. (FAQ information correct as of 16th December 2010).

DVLA policy change effect 42,000 UK drivers per annum

Licence Bureau has received the following changes to Policy for the DVLA which effect 42,000 UK drivers per annum. (Information correct as of 16th November 2010) Revocation of driving licences Drivers who receive penalties from the courts or the fixed penalty offices for offences that do not result in disqualification, are required to surrender their […]