Our Owner driver (Grey Fleet Service) ensures your drivers using their own vehicles are subject to regular unobtrusive compliance checking as recommended by the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The questions you need to ask are:

  • Do you really know how many of your employees use their own vehicle to carry out business journeys?

  • Are they insured for business?

  • Are their vehicles legally on the road and roadworthy with a current MOT and Road Fund Licence?

Key Features of Grey Fleet Services

  • Confirms appropriate business use insurance
  • Driver Alerts ahead of document expiry dates
  • Document expiry countdown via web
  • History Trail of mileage and service dates
  • Web based reporting and management information tool – available 24/7
  • System and data security to ISO27001 standard
  • Bar coded “Self Declaration Document” to eliminate duplicate driver/vehicle entries
  • Flexible driver/vehicle enrolment options
  • Fast track same day service
  • Dedicated customer service resource

Our services aide compliance for an employer that

Causes or permits individuals to drive their own vehicle, not owned or provided by the employer, on their behalf and reimburses the expenses for doing so.
Causes or permits individuals in their employ to drive on their behalf by the provision of cash in lieu of a vehicle to individuals who then drive a privately owned vehicle on behalf of the employer.

Business Use Insurance and MOT Verification

Is provided by highly trained and skilled members of our driver document verification team and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

Vehicle Service Tracking & Vehicle Excise Duty

Is delivered by the completion of a self declaration document and provides a history trail of service intervals and mileage.  Optional is the inclusion of vehicle excise duty (VED) and driver health question.

For owner drivers also known as Grey Fleet, Licence Bureau can check drivers licence status online so reducing risk, cost and hassle when managing your drivers please  contact us today.

Grey Fleet FAQ’s

What Is Grey Fleet?

Grey Fleet’ is a term used to describe the business miles travelled by an employee in their own vehicle. This ‘fleet’ of employee‐owned cars is deemed ‘grey’ as the vehicles in use are in somewhat of a grey area of responsibility for the employer; these responsibilities are often overlooked and misunderstood. In the UK, there are approximately 5 million grey fleet cars on the road. This large number is of concern to many organisations with a grey fleet due to worries over environmental sustainability, financial efficiency and the health and safety of their staff.

What is the law?

Health and Safety – Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers have a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work, including whilst driving for work, of their employees. This is relevant in relation to grey fleet vehicles as this statutory duty would apply when employees are undertaking driving for work in their own vehicles. Your employer is required to ensure that you have a safe working environment and this extends to your vehicle and any vehicle you drive at work, the purpose of the audit is to understand your general understanding, awareness of attitude of driving at work so that your employer can put the appropriate safeguards and policies in place to ensure your safety.

Why do I need Business Travel Insurance?

Grey fleet drivers must have an extension on their original insurance policy as their cover must include business travel. Many insurance providers do so for free or for a small charge. It is imperative that you have this cover as uninsured grey fleet drivers that are involved in an accident while on business are more than likely to find they are not entitled to compensation.

What is an example of a business journey?

Driving to a client site, an airport prior to a business trip or to a railway station for an annual conference, as well as travelling between different work locations are all classed as driving for work and do not form part of your daily journey to work. Non‐work travel and your normal daily commute are classed as social domestic and pleasure commuting. If you drive a vehicle in connection with work beyond simply commuting then it is classed as being used for business use and the correct level of business use insurance cover must be held.

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