Risk Assessment provides a robust audit trail and comprehensive risk profile for W.S.Dennison

Testimonial from Pamela Dennison of W.S. Dennison.

“Having entered the FTA Truck Driver of the Year competition, I had to complete a variety of tasks in the lead-up to the event, which included Licence Bureau’s comprehensive online risk assessment test.

As W. S. Dennison provides furniture distribution and logistics across UK and Ireland, running a mixed fleet of trucks, we need to ensure our drivers’ knowledge, attitudes and skills comply with healthy and safety laws. The data from the assessment provides a robust audit trail and comprehensive risk profile, which puts the business in an informed position to decide which type of corrective education and training to utilise, leading to risk reduction, safer drivers and fewer accidents.

From my experience of the risk assessment, I was so impressed with the service W. S. Dennison has since looked to deploy the online assessment and training system provided by Licence Bureau. As a means of furthering our duty of care, this excellent tool will seamlessly manage all driver training, helping to contribute to our existing robust risk management programme.”

Picture of a truck