Alcohol & Drug Screening

Alcohol & Drug Screening as part of Continuum’s consultancy services will help improve your business’ approach to driver and fleet risk management.

Access to expert consultancy and screening devices will support reducing the risks of your drivers committing a drink drug driving collision through policy, education and deterrent.

Evidence suggests drug driving convictions are overtaking those for alcohol

You need to ask yourself: Are my staff fit to drive?

The latest statistical evidence shows the scale of the problem that many are unaware or oblivious to.

  • Drug driving presents a significant challenge to modern society with 12,391 people convicted of a drug driving offence in 2019.
  • Drink driving deaths have reached their highest level since 2011. There was an 11% increase in deaths and serious injuries in 2019, compared to 2018, with 2,110 casualties reported.
  • Between January and September 2020, 5,460 deaths caused by alcohol were registered – up 16% on the same months in 2019. This is the HIGHEST level recorded since records began.
  • Recent data shows that 23% of individuals either started taking or increased their use of prescription drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • There were 7,423 deaths from alcohol misuse last year – a rise of 20% from 2019.
  • In the UK, 44% of Cannabis smokers have increased their usage since the onset of the pandemic.

It is absolutely vital that employees are educated on the dangers of alcohol abuse and it is your responsibility, as an employer, to ensure they are fit to perform their duties.

Businesses are not immune to the increasing problem of drug and alcohol misuse and it is naïve to think otherwise.

Drug and alcohol misuse is a major contributor to workplace injuries and ill health. With this in mind, what are you doing to increase health and safety within your workforce?

Are you actively screening?