Mobile App

Continuum’s Mobile App for driving behaviour, telematics, vehicle condition checks and expense management.

A smartphone solution to managing driver risk, integrated within the Continuum platform for real-time telematics, driving behaviour and journey tracking data, synchronised over 4G mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Move to a paperless vehicle condition check process for Grey Fleet drivers, digitally notifying fleet managers of any vehicle defects.

  • Makes use of the driver’s smartphone
  • Android & iOS app versions (4G, Wi-Fi)
  • No additional hardware required
  • Monitors driver behaviour and events through telematics such as excessive speed and allocates eLearning
  • Contains expense management feature
  • Vehicle condition reporting feature
  • Data synchronised with driver risk profile and stored on Continuum
  • Configurable to recognise work-related and personal journeys
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