Safety and Health Practitioner checking entitlements to drive

SHP highlight that when checking entitlements to drive the best approach is to let the professionals handle it by using a licence checking agency such as Licence Bureau

It sound obvious, but are you confident that all your drivers have a valid driving licence? This is the most basic check that you should be carrying out as an employer but it’s not as straightforward as it used to be. With globalisation and increased mobility of the workforce, employers can have their work cut out to determine whether an unfamiliar document in a foreign language really is legal or not.

Also thanks to internet-based scams, there are more fake licences in circulation than ever before. In addition, its not enough just to check the paper part of the licence – thousands of drivers will neglect to renew the photo-card portions of their licences, rendering the entire document invalid. Hundreds of others will forget to update their home address, also falling foul of the law as a result.

In these cases, the best approach is to let the professionals handle it – either direct via the DVLA or through one on the specialist licence – checking agencies

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