Speed Awareness

Licence Bureau are proud to be able to offer their unique…

Speed Awareness Workshop Module.

Working in groups of up to 16 participants and lasting for 30 minutes participants will learn:

Why we speed?

This section looks at the physical and behavioural reasons as to why we feel compelled to speed whilst driving. We will explore the degree to which speeding is a contributory factor in road incidents.

When are we mostly likely to speed on the road?

Within this highly interactive section we look at where we are most likely to speed and the impacts it can have on the various road networks in the UK.

Knowing your limits:

Next it’s time to make sure we are all aware of the various speed limits with a fun and interactive game of bingo.

How to tell the speed limit of an area:

Within this section of the workshop we look at how we can utilise all manner of signs and clues to indicate the speed limit of the area we are driving in.

The penalties:

Although we are all too aware of the fact that we can get prosecuted for speeding, this section of the workshop will investigate the other negative factors that can befall us for being convicted for speeding.

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